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Looking for a way to workout from the comfort of your home?

ADJUSTABLE WEIGHTED HULA HOOP can quickly consume body fat and eliminate the need to leave the house or do extensive cardio. Suitable for all skill levels from beginner to professional. You can not only exercise from the comfort of your home but our smart hula hoop makes working out FUN!



Burn Belly Fat

Exercise shouldn’t feel like a chore. If exercise is a bore, you simply won’t do it. Do you remember playing with a hula hoop as a child? Kids love them, but adults sometimes forget that they are not just for kids! 



Simple & Easy

Our ADJUSTABLE WEIGHTED HULA HOOP is a hula hoop on steroids: it’s designed with a weighted gravity ball that slides while you exercise, so that your waist gets a more effective workout during every use. Best yet, it stays put and won't fall guaranteed!


Adjustable Size & Interlocking Pieces

Add or Remove Pieces To Fit You!



 Some More Details 

  • ONE SIZE FITS ALL: The Smart Hula Hoop® comes with 24 sections, you can add or remove pieces to adjust the fit to your size!
  • AUTO SPINNING: There is a 0.88Ib soft gravity ball that slides smoothly around the hula-hoop and produces evenly inertial force to get your waist trained 360°, effortlessly but more effectively.
  • NEVER DROPS/FALLS OFFNo more bothering to keep the momentum of the moving hula hoop, especially for the beginners. This smart hula hoop is specially designed to fit most waistlines and will not fall off. But it is easy to take off and won't get you stuck or hurt.
  • BREAKS DOWN FOR EASY STORAGE: The weighted hula hoop comes with 24 sections in total that can be easily split and reorganized to make a perfect fit. And our hula hoop features an additional magnetic closure to ensure a more secure assembly.
  • EASY TO TRANSPORT: It is designed to be smaller than conventional hula hoops for kids or adults to make it easy to carry, take to the gym, and store.
  • SLIM & MASSAGE YOUR WAIST: Hula hoop is a practical ab workout equipment to help burn calories, slim your waist, and stay in shape. Our advanced fitness hula hoop is equipped with support pads all around to massage the waist and relax muscles.
  • SUITABLE FOR ALL AGES, GENDERS AND FITNESS NEEDSCan be used in a variety of applications, ranging from post-natal recovery, serious advanced fitness training, or to get back into shape. Are also suitable for sports advocates. 


  • Knots Quantity: 24
  • Minimum inner diameter approx. 18cm.(14 Knots)
  • Maximum inner diameter approx. 38 cm.(24 Knots)
  • Minimum waist circumference approx. 56 cm / 23 inches. (14 Knots)
  • Maximum waist circumference approx. 120 cm / 45 inches. (24 Knots)
  • Ball weight approx. 260 g

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