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Metallic Marker Pens

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Writing Sparkle ✍✨ Perfect For Art Crafts!
Great on paper, canvas, poster board, fabric, and wood🎄

Create something beautiful with the Metallic Marker Pens and let your creativity run wild! The Metallic markers give you the power to use any color on any surface. It is quick-drying, fade-resistant and won't smear or bleed through paper. 

It can also be easily removed from glass, plastic or pottery by wet tissue. It can work on paper, glass, plastic, pottery, stones, ceramics, wood. Now the world is your canvas. It's that simple.


  • Vibrant metallic color. Contain shimmering ink, finely ground particles, which yield a smooth, even sheen, for your create your craft a beautiful greeting card or add luster to an illustration.

  • Medium tip metallic marker. Writes very smoothly and glide effortlessly across the page, no gaps or bubbles in the ink. Perfect for art projects, black paper, Christmas cards, customized mugs, painting rocks, and calligraphy.

  • Applicable on most surfaces. Works on most surfaces like paper, stone, plastic, glass, ceramics, metal, wood and more. Highly pigmented markers allow you to color the surface with a fantastic look.

  • Environment-friendly and safe. These markers are made of opaque ink that is chemically stable, light-fast, quick-dry. Water-based ink is odorless, non-toxic, xylene-free, acid-free, and environmental. Be assured to use them for different craft projects.


  • Medium Tip: 2 mm
  • Length: 14 cm
  • Color: Gold / Silver / Mix

Note: the white applies transparent but it turns opaque when it dries, it is designed to write on black cardboard or paper. These markers are vivid and add a nice metallic sheen to lots of art crafts.


  • 1 piece Gold or 1 piece Silver or set of 10 Metallic Marker Pens

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